From system startup to application launching, Intel® Optane memory is smart technology that personalizes and accelerates your computing experience on Intel® Core-based PCs. It learns your most frequently used documents, images, videos, and applications; keeps them handy for quick access; and remembers them—even after powering off the PC.

How Is Intel® Optane Memory Different?

Intel® Optane memory delivers a personalized, responsive experience with minimum lag time by learning what programs you use most often and keeping them ready for use. It even notices when your habits change over time and adapts so you never miss a beat.

A Step Above the Rest

No other memory that exists today can customize your system’s performance like Intel® Optane memory. Intel® Optane memory recognizes, remembers, and provides speedy access to your frequently used files, applications, and games. As your computing habits change over time, Intel® Optane memory adapts to continue to deliver a responsive, accelerated user experience.

Powers What Matters

Background power drain is a thing of the past with a system that focuses specifically on the items you need, right when you need them. Intel® Optane memory redirects power and data to your most-used programs, so they run quickly, delivering remarkable responsiveness so you can get things done.

Game with Fast, Accelerated Access

You live and breathe gaming and you want no interruptions. To play at your best, you need a computer powered by an Intel® Core processor, featuring an NVMe-based Intel® Optane memory that enables fast access and amazing responsiveness to accelerate your gaming from launch to load.